New Materials – March & April 2017

Abril, Carlos R. Teaching General Music: Approaches, Issues, and Viewpoints 780.71 ABR
Al-Badri, Hussein Tony Kushner’s Postmodern Theatre: A Study of Political Discourse 812.54 KUS
Alfreds, Mike Different every night: Freeing the Actor 792.028 ALF
Balmer, Paul Stephane Grappelli: with and without Django 787.2092 GRA
Barr, Alan P. (Ed) Modern Anglophone Drama by Women 822.90809287 BAR
Barr, Stephen C. The Almost Complete 78 RPM Record Dating Guide: II 070.5794016 BAR
Bloom, Harold Anton Chekhov: edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom 891.723 CHE
Brewster, Scott Irish Literature since 1990: Diverse Voices 820.99415 BRE
Brown, William Menahem Pressler: Artistry in Piano Teaching 786.2092 PRE
Caines, Rebecca The Improvisation Studies Reader: Spontaneous Acts 791 CAI
Calderne, M. & Lloyd-Williams Actions: The Actors’ Thesaurus 792.02803 CAL
Carr, Marina Plays Three 822.92 CAR
Cooke, Mervyn & Ford, Fiona (Ed) The Cambridge Companion to Film Music 781.542 COO
Cross, Robert Steven Berkoff and the Theatre of Self-Performance 822.914 BER
Domingo, Placido My Operatic Roles 782.1092 DOM
Dunne, Pecker Parley-poet and Chanter: An Autobiography edited and introduced by Micheál Ó’hAodha 781.62415 DUN
Felsenfeld, Daniel Ives and Copland: A Listener’s Guide 780.92273 FEL
Fo, Dario & Rame, Franca More Tricks of the Trade 792.028 FO
Foil, David Cavalleria Rusticana / Pietro Mascagni. I Pagliacci / Ruggiero Leoncavallo 782.10268 MAS
Friel, Brian Brian Friel: Collected Plays Volume 3 822.914 FRI
Gilroy, Steve Live Theatre and the Empty Space present Motherland 822.92 GIL
Gioia,Ted Delta Blues: The Life and Times of the Mississippi Masters who revolutionized American music 781.64309 GIO
Grant, M.J. & Misch, Imke The Musical Legacy of Karlheinz Stockhausen: Looking Back and Forward 780.92 STO
Hickey, Maud (Ed.) Why and how to teach Music Composition: A New horizon for Music Education 781.3071 HIC
Inglis, Ian The Beatles 783.242166 BEA
Jackson, Felicity Surviving Actors Manual 792.028 JAC
Johnson, Julian Out of time: Music and the Making of Modernity 780.9 JOH
Joyce, Sandra & Lawlor, Helen Harp Studies 787.95415 JOY
Keates, Jonathan Messiah: The Composition and Afterlife of Handel’s Masterpiece 782.23 HAN
Kelly, Sonya et al The Wheelchair on my face; Charolais; The Humours of Bandon 808.8245 KEL
Lebler, Don Assessment in Music Education: from Policy to Practice 780.7 LEB
Lewis, Henry The Play that goes Wrong: Version in Two Acts 822.92 LEW
Mathieson, Kenny Giant Steps: Bebop and the Creators of Modern Jazz 1945-65 781.655 MAT
Marcus, Kenneth H Schoenberg and Hollywood Modernism 780.92 SCH
Marek, Dan H Alto: The Voice of Bel Canto 783.68 MAR
McCord, Kimberly A Teaching the Postsecondary Music Student with Disabilities 780.711 MCC
McKay, George & Moser Peter (Ed) Community Music: A Handbook 780.941 MOS
Miller, Terry E. World Music: A Global Journey 780.89 MIL
Ostrovsky, Alexander Four Plays; translated by Stephen Mulrine 891.723 OST
Reeve, F. D (Ed) Anthology of Russian Plays V. 1. 1790-1890 891.72 REE
Rehding, Alexander Music and Monumentality: Commemoration and Wonderment in Nineteenth-Century Germany 780.94309034 REH
Rutherford-Johnson Tim Music after the Fall: Modern Composition and Culture since 1989 780.904 RUT
Scott, Sheila J. Music Education for Children with Autism Spectrum disorder: A Resource for Teachers 618.92 SCO
Shaw, Eddie Date about all those English seventy-eights 070.5794016 SHA
Shehan Campbell, Patricia et al The Oxford Handbook of Children’s Musical Cultures 780.83 SHE
Saddik, Annette J. Tennessee Williams and the Theatre of Excess: The Strange, the Crazed, the Queer 812.54 WIL
Schroeder, Patricia R. Robert Johnson, Mythmaking, and Contemporary American Culture 781.643092 JOH
Silber, Lee Self-promotion for the creative person: Get the word out about who you are and what you do 650.14 SIL
Stephens, Simon adapted from the novel by Haddon, Mark The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time 822.92 STE
Stephens, Simon Plays 1 822.92 STE
Summers, Sean P. Tina’s Idea of Fun 822.92 SUM
Tanner, Mark The Mindful Pianist: Focus, Practise, Perform, Engage 786.2193 TAN
Williams, Justin A & Williams, Katherine The Singer-songwriter Handbook 783.242164 WIL
Winters, Carmel The Remains of Maisie Duggan 822.92 WIN
Winters, Paul E. Vinyl Records and Analog Culture in the Digital Age: Pressing Matters  384 WIN
Woolley, Andrew & Kitchen, John Interpreting Historical Keyboard Music: Sources, Contexts and Performance 786.09 WOO
ABRSM Richard Jones (Ed) Piano Exam Pieces – 2017 & 2018, ABRSM Grade 7: Selected from the 2017 & 2018 Syllabus M786.2076 ASS
Bach, Johann Sebastian Kantaten zum Epiphaniasfest bis zum 2. Sonntag nach Epiphanias M782.24 BAC
Bach, Johann Sebastian
Choräle und Geistliche Lieder. Teil 1, Repertoires der Zeit vor 1750
M782.27 BAC
Bach, Johann Sebastian Orgelchoräle aus Unterschiedlicher Überlieferung  Johann Sebastian Bach; Herausgegeben von Reinmar Emans M786.518992 BAC
Baker, David How to play Bebop: Volume 1 – for all Instruments, the Bebop Scales and other scales in common use M781.651246 BAK
Baker, David How to play Bebop: volume 2 – for all Instruments, Learning the Bebop language: patterns, Formulae and other linking materials M781.65142 BAK
Baker, David How to play Bebop: Volume 3 – for all Instruments, Techniques for Learning and Utilizing Bebop tunes M781.65142 BAK
Bissill, Richard Hornscape for Horn in F: Solos with Piano Accompaniment M788.94076 BIS
Bissill, Richard Hornscape for Horn in Eb: Solos with Piano Accompaniment M788.94076 BIS
Bricusse, Leslie & Newley, Anthony Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory M782.14 BRI
Clarke, Ian The Mad Hatter: for Flute and Piano M785.12183262 CLA
Clarke, Ian Deep Blue for Flute and Piano and Beverley for Solo Flute M785.12183262 CLA
Denley, Ian Time Pieces for E flat Saxophone: Music through the ages in two Volumes – Vol.2. M788.7076 ASS
Denley, Ian Time Pieces for B Flat Saxophone: Music through the ages in Two Volumes – Vol 2 M788.7076 ASS
Des Pres, Josquin Simplified Sight-reading for Bass: from the fundamentals to the entire fingerboard M787.871423 DES
Gottlieb, Danny The Evolution of Jazz Drumming: A Workbook for Applied Drumset Students M786.9165 GOT
Lippa, Andrew
The Addams Family: A New Musical: Vocal Selections / Book by Marshall Brickman & Rick Elice
M782.14 LIP
Menken, Alan The Little Mermaid: Broadway’s Sparkling New Musical: Piano/Vocal Selections: Lyrics by Howard Ashman and Glenn Slater M782.14 MEN
Ricker, Ramon Technique Development in Fourths: for Jazz Improvisation M781.65136 RIC
Ricker, Ramon Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation M781.65136 RIC
Rowley, Alec The Kangaroo: A ‘syncopation’ for children M782.5 ROW
Sklar, Matthew The Wedding Singer: The Musical Comedy M782.14 SKL
Stich-Punto, J.
Concerto, Horn, Orchestra, (No 7) F Major, Arr
M785.12189462186 PUN
Stravinsky, Igor Russian Maiden’s Song: Parasha’s Aria from Mavra, transcribed for Cello and Piano by Igor Stravinsky in collaboration with Dmitry Markevitch M785.1217462 STR
Trinity College London Treble Clef Brass Scales, Arpeggios & Exercises: for Trinity College London exams from 2015: Grades 1-8 M788.91246076 TRI
Valerio, John Stride & Swing Piano: The Complete Guide with CD! M786.2165 VAL
Weston, Dave The Big Guitar Chord Songbook: Blues – Over 80 Blues Classics arranged for Guitar and Voice M787.871643 FAR
Wildhorn, Frank Wonderland: A New Alice. A New Musical M782.14 WIL
Burke, Kevin Sweeney’s Dream: Fiddle tunes from County Sligo, Ireland CD 4396
Carroll Jim & Mackenzie Pat Around the Hills of Clare: Songs and a Recitation from the Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie Collection CD 4380
Clancy, Willie The Minstrel from Clare CD 4385
Doherty, John Bundle and Go: John Doherty, Master fiddler of Donegal CD 4386
Evans, Bill Some Other Time: The Lost Session from the Black Forest CD 4381
Heaney, Joe The Road from Connemara: Songs and Stories told and sung to Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger CD 4393
Hunt, Una, Justin Pearson and Triantán Piano Trio Shower of Pearls: The Music of George Alexander Osborne CD 4401
McDermott, Josie Darby’s farewell: Traditional Music on Flute and Whistle and Songs from Sligo CD 4388
Mac Dhonnchadha, Sean et al Grand Airs of Connemara CD 4387
McGrath, Mark Anthony The Weiss Machine, Vol. 1 – Music by Sylvius Leopold Weiss played on 13 String Guitar CD 4378
Munnelly, Tom &

Shields, Hugh (Ed)

Early Ballads in Ireland 1968-1985 CD 4379
Moeran, Ernest John The Complete Solo Piano Music: and Works by his English and Irish Contemporaries CD 4383
Murphy, Denis The Star above the Garter: Fiddle music from Kerry CD 4391
O’Leary, Caitríona et. al. The Wexford Carols CD 4377
O’Leary, Johnny Music for the Set: Traditional Irish Music from Sliabh Luachra CD 4392
O’Keefe, Padraig Kerry Fiddles: Traditional Fiddle Music from Sliabh Luachra CD 4394
Russell, Micho et al The Russell Family of Doolin County Clare: The Classic 1975 Album of the Traditional Music of County Clare CD 4390
Stanford, Charles Villiers String Quartet No. 1: String Quartet No. 2, Horn Fantasy: RTÉ Vanbrugh Quartet CD 4382
Vaccarino, Ariella Voice Lessons to go: Complete Set – Volumes 1-4 CD 4366
Prokofiev, Serge Semyon Kotko DVD 782.1 PRO

New Materials – January & February 2017



Adolf, Jessica


Éire mar a bhí: Staging Irish Identities in the Theatre of Brian Friel


822.914 FRI
Bjorling, Anna-Lisa & Farkas, Andrew


Jussi 782.1092  JUS
Bowie, David &  Walsh Enda Lazarus: A Musical; inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis


822.92 BOW
Carr Marina


Anna Karenina 822.92 CAR
Cohen, Lola The Method Acting Handbook 


792.028 COH
Berman, Boris


Notes from the Pianist’s Bench 786.2193 BER
Colman, Geoffrey New Monologues for Women Volume 1


808.8245089287 COL
Crawford, Richard America’s Musical Life: A History


780.973 CRA
Dogantan-Dack, Mine (Ed)


Artistic Practice as Research in Music: Theory, Criticism, Practice 780.72 DOG
Edwards, Anne


Callas: Her Life, Her Love, Her Music 782.1092 CAL
Friel, Brian


Brian Friel: Collected Plays Volume 5


822.92 FRI
Gannon, Charles


John S. Beckett: the Man and the Music


780.92 BEC
Georgii-Hemming, Eva et al


Professional knowledge in music teacher education


780.71 GEO
Hampe, Michael


The Crafty Art of Opera: for those who make it, love it or hate it 792.50233 HAM
Harper, Adam Infinite Music: Imagining the next Millennium of Human Music-making


781.2 HAR
Hoover, Tom


Soundtrack Nation: Interviews with Today’s Top Professionals in Film, Videogame and Television Scoring 781.5409 HOO
Herstand, Ari How to make it in the New Music Business: Practical Tips on building a loyal following and making a living as  a musician


780.2373 HER
Hunt, Hugh Sean O’Casey


822.912 OCA
Jaquarello, Roland


Memories of Development: My Time in Irish Theatre and Broadcasting 792.0233 JAQ
Gordon, Robert & Jubin, Olaf The Oxford Handbook of the British Musical 782.140941 GOR
Kirchner, Bill The Oxford Companion to Jazz


781.65 KIR
McCafferty, Owen Plays 2


822.92 MCC
McNulty, Eugene & Ni Ghairbhi, Roisin


Patrick Pearse and the Theatre


822.912 PEA
Richards, Jeffrey H & Nathans, Heather S.


The Oxford Handbook of American Drama


812.009 RIC
Richter, Laurence R. Tchaikovsky’s Complete Song Texts: Russian Texts of the Complete Songs of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky


783.242 TCH
Richter, Laurence R. Mussorgsky’s Complete Song Texts: Russian Texts of the Complete Songs of Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky


783.242 MUS
Sharpe, Edda & Rowles, Jan Haydn How to do standard English Accents


792.028 SHA
Shostakovich, Dmitri Shostakovich’s Complete Song Texts: Russian Texts of the Complete Songs of Dmitrii Dmitrievich Shostakovich


783.242  SHO
Skinner, Douglas D.


The Saxophone Handbook: A Complete Guide to Tone, Technique, Performance and Maintenance


788.7 SKI
Steenstrup, Kristian Teaching Brass / English translation by Agnete Schmidt


788.9193071 STE
Swinkin, Jeffrey Teaching Performance: A Philosophy of Piano Pedagogy


780.71 SWI
Walsh, Enda Roald Dahl’s the Twits


822.92 WAL
Watts, Elaine Andrus Piano Teaching Skills: A Complete Guide for Piano Teachers


786.207 WAT
Wilbourne, Emily Seventeenth-century Opera and the Sound of the Commedia Dell’arte


782.109032 WIL
Wixen, Randall D


The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing: what you need to know about Protecting and Profiting from Music Copyrights


070.5794 WIX
Worsley, Victoria


Feldenkrais for Actors: How to do less and discover more


792.028071 FEL
Bach, Johann Sebastian Kantaten zum 16. und 17  Sonntag nach Trinitatis / Herausgegeben von Helmuth Osthott


M782.24 BAC
Bartók, Béla An Evening in the Village – Slovak Peasant’s Dance: for Viola and Piano; arranged by Károly Váczi


M787.3188 BAR
Boulanger, Nadia Six Melodies pour Voix et Piano


M783.242 BOU
Boydell, Brian


Capriccio, Op. 48: for Piano M786.218949 BOY
Bullard, Alan


Joining the Dots: Book 1: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan


Joining the Dots: Book 2: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan


Joining the Dots: Book 3: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan


Joining the Dots: Book 4: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan



Joining the Dots: Book 5: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan



Joining the Dots. Book 6: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan



Joining the Dots. Book 7: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Bullard, Alan


Joining the Dots: Book 8: A Fresh Approach to Piano Sight-Reading


M786.21423076 BUL
Clarke, Ian Hypnosis: for Flute and Piano


M785.12183262 CLA
Clarke, Ian Spiral Lament: for Flute and Piano


M785.12183262 CLA
Corelli,  Arcangelo 12 Sonatas: for Violin and Basso Continuo / fur Violine und Basso Continuo Vol I & II


M787.2183 COR
Haydn, Franz Joseph Minuet in C Major: for Cello and Piano; transcribed by Alfredo Piatti


M785.1217462188 HAY
Davies, Hywel Russian Masters: 26 Russian Classics arranged for the Intermediate Pianist M786.2076 DAV
Elkin, Robert The Bouquet of Rosemary: Unison Song


M782.5 ELK
Field, Eileen The Boosey & Hawkes Twentieth-century Easy Song Collection: 33 Songs for the Early Grades


M783.242071 FIE
Field, Eileen The Boosey & Hawkes Song Collection: Vol. 2, 1901-2004


M783.242 FIE
Grieg, A Grieg Song Anthology: edited by Bradley Ellingboe and William D. Leyerle


M783.242 GRI
Hal Leonard Corp


The Real Book – Bass Clef Edition: Volume IV


M784.4165 HAL
Hal Leonard Corp


The Real Book – Volume IV: C Instruments


M784.4165 HAL
Hal Leonard Corp


The Eb Real Book – Volume IV


M788.974165 HAL
Hill, David The Novello Book of Music for Lent & Easter: Anthems and hymns for Lent, Holy Week & Eastertide for Mixed-Voice Choirs


M782.5 HIL
Hindemith, Paul Trauermusik : fur Streichorchester mit Solobratsche (Violoncello oder Violine) /Music of Mourning: for String Orchestra with Solo Viola (violoncello or violin)


M787.5 HIN
Lamb, Maggy & Meredith, Rachel More Time Pieces for Viola: Music through the Ages, Volume 2


M787.3076 ASS
Johnson, Robert


Robert Johnson: King of Delta Blues – Guitar Transcriptions and Detailed Lessons for 29 Songs M787.871643 JOH
Larsen, Robert L. (Ed.) Selected Opera Arias – Baritone: 10 Essential Arias with plot notes, International Phonetic Alphabet, Recorded diction lessons and Recorded Accompaniments


M782.1 LAR
Moeran, E.J Collected Solo Piano Music Vol. 1


M786.2 MOE
Moeran, E.J Collected Solo Piano Music Vol. 2


M786.2 MOE
Nelson. Havelock Jinnifer-Jannifer: Words by John o’ the North


M782.5 NEL
Nelson. Havelock The Girl with the Buckles on her Shoes


M782.5162415 NEL
Ó Callanáin, Niall & Walsh, Tommy


The Irish Bouzouki


M787.85 OCD
O’Leary, Jessica The Best of Grade 4 Violin: A Compilation of the Best Grade 4 Violin Pieces ever selected by the Major Examination Boards


M787.2076 OLE
Ramsay, Ross


Chord-scale Improvisation for Keyboard: A Linear Approach to Improvisation M786.2136 RAM
Reinhardt, Django Django Reinhardt: The Definitive Collection


M787.87 REI
Saint – Saens, Camille Oratorio de Noel Op.12 Weihnachtsoratorium: per Soli SMsATB, Coro SATB, 2 Violini, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabbasso, Arpa, ed Organo, Op. 12: Partitur – full Score


M782.23 SAI
Speckert, George The Roots of Jazz: fur Violine und Violoncello for Violin and Violoncello


M785.1217274165 SPE
Suk, Josef


Four pieces, Op.17 for Violin and Piano Volume 2 M785.1217262 SUK
Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich Andante Cantabile: fur Violine und Klavier for Violin and Piano


M785.1217262 TCH
Trinity College London Harp Studies and Exercises for Trinity College London Exams from 2013, for Initial to Grade 8


M787.9142076 TRI
Trinity College London Bass Clef Brass Scales, Arpeggios & Exercises: for Trinity College London Bass Clef Euphonium & Tuba Exams from 2015: Grades 1-8


M788.91246 TRI
Trinity College London Tuned Percussion Scales and Arpeggios: for Trinity College London Examinations from 2007, for Initial to Grade 8


M786.81246076 TRI
Various Alte Meister des bel canto. Arien und Kanzonen für Alt (Mezzosopran) / Ed. & piano redn. (Nos. 5, 6, 9, & 10 with obbligato string instrument) by L. Landshoff


M782.1 LAN
Various 15 Art Songs by British Composers: Songs by Britten, Clarke, Finzi, Gurney, Purcell, Quilter, Vaughan Williams, and Warlock


M783.342 BOO
Webern, Anton The Anton Webern Collection: Early Vocal Music, 1899-1909


M783.242 WEB
Butcher, Eddie Adam in Paradise: Four Songs on Courtship from the Ulster Tradition


CD 4371
Cassidy Family Whist: Irish Traveller Folktales and Songs


CD 4372
Doran, Johnny


Johnny Doran: The Master Pipers Volume 1 CD 4374
Harbison, Janet


The Belfast Years: 1992-2002 / Janet Harbison and the Irish Harp Orchestra


CD 4373
Kennedy, John The Girls along the Road: Traditional songs, ballads and whistle tunes from County Antrim


CD 4370
Stanford C.V


Piano Concerto No. 2 / Variations on “Down among the Dead Men” / Finghin Collins; RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra; Kenneth Montgomery


CD 4365



The Drones and the Chanters: Vol. 1 – Irish Pipering / Peadar Broe ; Séamus Ennis; Leo Rowsome ; Paddy Moloney; Dan Dowd; Tommy Reck; Leo Rowsome; Willie Clancy


CD 4318

New Materials – Autumn/Winter 2016




Abel, Mark Groove: an Aesthetic of Measured Time


781.22 ABE
Alder, Alan L The Show Choir Handbook


782.5 ALD
Allsup, Randall Everett Remixing the Classroom: Toward an open philosophy of music Education


780.71 ALL
Ansell, Derek Sugar free Saxophone: the life and music of Jackie McLean


788.7165 MCL


Apter, Ronnie and Herman, Mark


Translating for Singing: The Theory, Art and Craft of Translating Lyrics 782.0268 APT
Baets, Thomas De et al European Perspectives on Music Education: Vol. 5: International Cooperation


780.7 EUR
Barrett, Janet & Webster, Peter R. The Musical Experience: Rethinking Music Teaching and Learning


780.71 BAR
Barton, Robert Style for Actors: A Handbook for Moving beyond Realism


792.028 BAR
Barnes, Jennifer Television Opera: The Fall of Opera commissioned for Television


782.1 BAR
Begam, Richard & Smith, Matthew Wilson Modernism and Opera


782.10904 BEG
Benedetti, Robert L


Action! Professional Acting for Film and Television 791.43028 BEN
Benedetti, Robert L


The Actor in You: Twelve Simple Steps to Understanding the Art of Acting


792.028 BEN
Berlin, Edward A. King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and his Era


780.92 JOP
Bolger, Dermot The Ballymun Trilogy


822.92 BOL
Bond, Edward The Chair Plays


822.92 BON
Bond, Edward Plays 8; with an introduction by the author


822.914 BON
Bonds, Mark Evan Absolute Music: The History of an Idea


781.17 BON
Brennan, Amanda


The Energetic Performer: An integrated approach to acting for stage and screen 792.028 BRE
Brocken, Michael The British Folk Revival, 1944-2002


781.6221 BRO
Burt, Peter The Music of Tåoru Takemitsu


780.92 TAK
Butler, Leo Plays 1; with an introduction by the author.


822.92 BUT
Butler, Leo Plays 2


822.92 BUT
Byo, James The Woodwinds: Perform, Understand, Teach


788.207 BYO
Byrne, David


How Music Works 780.1 BYR
Burnard, Pamela & Haddon, Elizabeth Activating diverse musical creativities: Teaching and learning in higher music education


780.711 BUR
Calhoun, Scott Exploring U2: is this Rock ‘n’ Roll: Essays on the music, work, and influence of U2 781.660922 CAL
Campbell, James Stuart Russians on Russian Music, 1880-1917: An Anthology


780.947 CAM
Tylee, Claire M. War Plays by Women: An International Anthology 808.829358 TYL
Thomas, Chance Composing Music for Games: The Art, Technology and Business of Video game scoring


781.54 THO
Chapman, Janice L Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice


783 CHA
Collins, Christopher J. M. Synge’s ‘The Playboy of the Western World’


822.912 SYN
Collins, Christopher Theatre and Residual Culture: J.M. Synge and Pre-Christian Ireland


822.912 SYN
Colman, Geoffrey (Ed)


New Monologues for Men: Volume 1 808.8245089286 COL
Coppenbarger, Brent


Music Theory Secrets: 94 Strategies for the Starting Musician 781 COP
Corbett, John A Listener’s Guide to Free Improvisation


781.36 COR
Dervan, Michael The Invisible Art: A Century of Music in Ireland, 1916-2016


780.9415 DER
Edwards, Peter György Ligeti’s Le Grand Macabre: Postmodernism, Musico-Dramatic form and the Grotesque


782.1 LIG
Eliot, Marc Rockonomics: The Money behind the Music


338.4778164 ELI
Evans, David Ramblin’ on my Mind: New Perspectives on the Blues


781.643 EVA
Evergreen, Stephanie D. H.


Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating your Findings for Maximum Impact 001.4226 EVE
Ewans, Michael Performing Opera: A Practical Guide for Singers and Directors


792.50233 EWA
Fogg, Rod Django Reinhardt, Fretmaster: Know the Man, Play the Music


787.87165 REI
Frith, Simon (Ed) Facing the Music: Essays on Pop, Rock and Culture


781.63 FRI
Gioia, Ted


How to listen to Jazz


781.65117 GIO
Goldoni, Carlo Five Comedies


852.6 GOL
Guralnick, Peter


Searching for Robert Johnson 781.643092 JOH
Gregg, Stacey


Scorch 822.92 GRE
Hamady, Jennifer


The Art of Singing, onstage and in the studio: Understanding the Psychology, Relationships, and Technology in Recording and Live Performance 783.043 HAM
Harris, Paul


Simultaneous Learning: The Definitive Guide 780.71 HAR
Hartenberger, Russell The Cambridge Companion to Percussion


786.8 HAR
Hendel, Ronald Reading Genesis: Ten Methods


222.11601 HEN
Herron, Donald Deaf Ears? A Report on the Provision of Music Education in Irish Schools


780.729417 HER
Hoch, Matthew Voice Secrets: 100 Performance Strategies for the Advanced Singer


783.043 HOC
Hutchinson, Mark


Coherence in New Music: Experience, Aesthetics, Analysis 781.170904 HUT
Hughes, Diane The New Music Industries: Disruption and Discovery


780.2373 HUG
Hurwitz, David C. P. E : A Listener’s Guide to the other Bach


780.92 BAC
Inglis, Ian The Beatles, Popular Music, and Society: A Thousand Voices


783.242166 BEA
Kaschub, Michele & Smith, Janice (Ed.) Promising Practices in 21st Century Music Teacher Education


780.71 KAS
Kenny, Ailbhe


Communities of Musical Practice 306.4842 KEN
Kent, Brad George Bernard Shaw in Context


822.912 SHA
Kiely, Damon How to Read a Play: Script Analysis for Directors


792.0233 KIE
Kostelanetz, Richard Virgil Thomson: A Reader: Selected Writings, 1924-1984


780.92 THO
Kramer, Jonathan D. Postmodern Music, Postmodern Listening


780.905 KRA
Kusek, David The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution


381.4578 KUS
Mac Intyre, Tom The Great Hunger; The Gallant John-Joe


822.914 MAC
Mandel, Howard Miles, Ornette, Cecil: Jazz beyond Jazz


781.65092273 MAN
Loughridge, Deirdre


Haydn’s Sunrise, Beethoven’s Shadow: Audiovisual Culture and the Emergence of Musical Romanticism 780.9033 LOU
McCleave, Sarah Dance in Handel’s London Operas 782.1 HAN
McTighe, Trish (Ed.) Staging Beckett in Ireland and Northern Ireland


822.914 BEC
McVicker, Mary F. Women Opera Composers: Biographies from the 1500s to the 21st Century


782.1092 MCV
Meyer, Stephen C (Ed)


Music in Epic Film: Listening to Spectacle


781.542 MEY
Moloney, Mick Across the Western Ocean: Songs of leaving and arriving


781.62415 MOL
Mordden, Ethan


On Sondheim: An Opinionated Guide 782.14 SON
Marissen, Michael Bach & God


780.92 BAC
Najarian, Robert. The Art of unarmed stage combat


792. 028 NAJ
Nicholl, Matthew Music Notation: Preparing Scores and Parts


780.148 NIC
O’Connor, Sean Straight Acting: Popular Gay Drama from Wilde to Rattigan


822.91099 OCO
O’Hagan, Peter Pierre Boulez and the Piano: A Study in Style and Technique


786.2092 BOU
O’hAllmhuraín, Gearoíd


Flowing Tides: History and Memory in an Irish Soundscape 781.62916204193 OHA
Ó Sé, Seán An Poc ar Buile: The Life & Times of Seán Ó Sé / with Patricia Ahern


780.92 OSE
Pietropaolo, Domenico Semiotics and Pragmatics of Stage Improvisation


792.01 PIE
Radbill, Catherine Fitterman


Introduction to the Music Industry: An Entrepreneurial Approach 780.68 RAD
Reily, Suzel Ana & Dueck, Jonathan M. The Oxford Handbook of Music and World Christianities


781.71009 REI
Rinsema, Rebecca M. Listening in Action: Teaching Music in the Digital Age


780.71 RIN
Root, Gordon Schoenberg’s Models for Beginners in Composition


781.3 SCH
Rupprecht, Philip British Musical Modernism: The Manchester Group and their Contemporaries


780.942733 RUP
Russell, Willy


Plays 1


822.914  RUS
Russell, Willy


Plays 2 822.914 RUS
Rutter, Paul The Music Industry Handbook


780.23 RUT
Sataloff, Robert Thayer Vocal Health and Pedagogy


616.855 SAT
Shepherd, John The Routledge Reader on the Sociology of Music


306.4842 SHE
Simon, Neil The Collected Plays of Neil Simon


812.54 SIM
Sinn, Deborah Rambo Playing beyond the Notes: A Pianist’s Guide to Musical Interpretation


786.2146 SIN
Slonimsky, Nicolas & Celentano, Dave


Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns for Guitar


787.87124603 SLO
Smyth, Gerry


Music and Irish Identity 781.6409415 SMY
Solomon, Samuel Z How to write for Percussion: A Comprehensive Guide to Percussion Composition


786.813 SOL
Stakelum, Mary Developing the Musician: Contemporary Perspectives on Teaching and Learning


780.71 STA
Stavrou Economidou, Natassa & Stakelum, Mary


European Perspectives on Music Education: Vol. 4: Every learner counts. Democracy and Inclusion in Education


780.7 EUR
Stoloff, Bob


Vocal Improvisation: An Instru-vocal approach for Soloists, Groups, and Choirs 783.193165 STO
Swinkin, Jeffrey


Performative Analysis: Reimagining Music Theory for Performance 781.17 SWI
Soto-Morettini, Donna Mastering the Shakespeare Audition: A Quick Guide to Performance Success


822.33 SOT
Summers, Tim


Understanding Video Game Music 781.54 SUM
Taruskin, Richard
Russian Music at Home and Abroad: New Essays


780.947 TAR
Taylor, Benedict


The Melody of Time: Music and Temporality in the Romantic Era 780.9034 TAY
Thakar, Markand On the Principles and Practice of Conducting


781.45 THA
Thomas, James A Director’s Guide to Stanislavsky’s Active Analysis: including the formative essay on active analysis by Maria Knebel 792.0233 STA
Uhry, Alfred Driving Miss Daisy


812.54 UHR
Vanek, Joe Irish Theatrescapes: New Irish Plays, adapted European Plays and Irish Classics


792.02409417 VAN
Vasey, John Concert Tour Production Management: How to take your show on the road


780.78068 VAS
Walsh, Enda Arlington


822.97 WAL
Welch, Robert The Abbey Theatre, 1899-1999 : Form and Pressure


792.0941835 WEL
West, Andrew


The Art of Songwriting 781.31640268 WES
Wheatley, Christopher J Drama in English from the Middle Ages to the Early Twentieth Century: An Anthology of Plays with old spelling


822.008 WHE
Wikstrèom, Patrik The Music Industry: Music in the Cloud


338.4778 WIK
Wilson, Ross



Theodor Adorno 193 ADO
Wolf, Stacy Changed for Good: A Feminist History of the Broadway Musical


782.14082 WOL
Woolford, Julian. How Musicals work: and how to write your own


782.1413 WOO


Piano Exam Pieces – 2017 & 2018, ABRSM Grade 1: Selected from the 2017 & 2018 Syllabus


M786.2076 ASS


Piano Exam Pieces – 2017 & 2018, ABRSM Grade 4: Selected from the 2017 & 2018 Syllabus


M786.2076 ASS
Ades, Thomas Powder her Face: An Opera in two Acts: for four singers and Chamber Ensemble op. 14 (1994-1995)


M782.1 ADE
Althouse, Jay (Ed) Ye shall have a Song: 13 Vocal Solos featuring famous texts for Recitals, Concerts and Contests (Med- High)


M783.442 ALT
Althouse, Jay (Ed) Ye shall have a Song: 13 vocal Solos featuring famous texts for Recitals, Concerts and Contests (Med -Low)


M783.442 ALT
Bach, J. S
Cello Suite No. 2, BWV 1008 ; Arranged for guitar by John Feeley
M787.871858 BAC
Berge, Sigurd Horn Call: for Horn Solo (1972)


M788.94 BER
Bodley, Seóirse


String Quartet No. 1 M785.7194 BOD
Bodley, Seóirse




M786.2 BOD
Ballard, A. Fifty for Flute: Fifty Progressive Studies for unaccompanied Flute


M788.32142076 BUL
Casey, Warren & Jacobs, Jim


Grease: A New 50’s Rock ‘n Roll Musical


M782.14 JAC
Franck, César Orgelwerke: Band III


M786.5 FRA
Cleary, Siobhán Suantraí


M786.2 CLE
Clews, Eileen


Partita for Horn and Piano M785.121894621854 CLE
Cliff, Tony


Landscapes for E-flat Tenor Horn and Piano M785.12189462 CLI
Davidovsky, Mario Synchronisms No.10: Guitar and Tape


M787.87 DAV
Deane, Raymond Silhouettes: String Quartet I


M785.7194 DEA
Dodgson, Stephen


Cor Leonis for Solo Horn M788.94 DOD
Donizetti, Gaetano Anna Bolena: Tragedia Lirica in due Atti


M782.1 DON
Ellington, Duke The Duke Ellington Real Book: for C Instruments


M784.4165 ELL
Fleischmann, Aloys Songs of Affection: Five Irish folk Songs


M783.242 FLE
Friedland, Ed Building Walking Bass Lines


M787.87142 FRI
Franck, César Orgelwerke: Band III


M786.5 FRA
Glière, Reinhold Moritsevich 4 Pieces Op.35, No. 6, 7, 10, 11: for Horn in F


M785.12179462 GLI
Golijov, Osvaldo The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind: for Klezmer Clarinet and String Quartet


M785.44195 GOL
Grappelli, & Glaser, Matt, Stephane


Jazz Violin


M787.2165 GRA
Hanway, Tom Easy Irish and Celtic Melodies for 5-String Banjo: Best-Loved Airs and Session Tunes


M787.88 HAN
Harris, Paul Time Pieces for Trumpet: Music through the Ages in 3 Vols. Vol. 1


M788.92076 ASS
Hudson, Rob 25 More Modern Studies for Trumpet


M788.9218949 HUD
Jones, Richard (ed.) Piano Exam Pieces – 2017 & 2018, ABRSM Grade 2: Selected from the 2017 & 2018  Syllabus


M786.2076 ASS
Jones, Edward Huws Got those Position Blues? 9 Jazzy pieces for Violin and Piano in 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions


M785.1217262165 JON
Karg-Elert, Sigfrid


Nun danket alle Gott, Opus 65


M786.5 KAR
Kalliwoda, Johann Wenzel Six Nocturnes Op.186: for Viola and Piano




Koetsier, Jan Romanza Op. 59/2 for Horn in F and Piano


M785.1218946218968 KOE
Kinsella, John


String Quartet No. 3 M785.7194 KIN
Marsh, Lin Serendipity Solos: Nine Solo Songs for young singers


M783.242 MAR
May, Frederick Sunlight and Shadow: for Symphony Orchestra


M784.2184 MAY
May, Frederick The Songs of Frederick May (edited & with an introduction by Mark Fitzgerald)


M783.242 MAY
Nielsen, Mike Precision Timing for all Instruments: The Ultimate Rhythm Workout


M781.224 NIE
Northcote, Sydney Soprano Songs


M783.342 NOR
Northcote, Sydney Bass Songs


M783.542 NOR
Northcote, Sydney Contralto Songs


M783.542 NOR
O’Brien, Richard The Rocky Horror Show; 40th Anniversary Songbook


M782.14 OBR
O’Carolan, Turlough


Turlough O’Carolan Irish Harp Pieces for Classical Guitar M787.87 BOG
Paton, John Glenn Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras: for Low Voice M782.1 PAT
Paton, John Glenn Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras:  for medium voice M782.1 PAT
Ponce, Manuel M. Sonatina Meridional for Guitar M787.871832 PON


Quilter, Roger Dream Valley Op. 20 No.1 in D Major: Voice and Piano


M783.242 QUI
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vocalise, Op. 34 No. 14: for Violin and Piano


M785.121726218949 RAC
Saint-Saëns Oratorio de Noel: Chorpartitur


M782.23 SAI
Saint-Saëns Oratorio de Noel, Op. 12 Weihnachtsoratorium


M782.23 SAI
Saint-Saëns Oratorio de Noel Op.12 Weihnachtsoratorium : per Soli SMsATB, Coro SATB, 2 Violini, Viola, Violoncello, Contrabbasso, Arpa, ed Organo, Op. 12: Partir


M782.23 SAI
Stanford, C. Villiers The Fairy Lough: Song from Irish Idyll in key of D Major: words by Moira O’Neill


M783.242162415 STA
Stanford, C. Villiers Trottin’ to the Fair: Irish Melody in C


M785.242162415 STA
Stanford, C. Villiers The Fairy Lough: Song from Irish Idyll in key of F Major: with words by Moira O’Neill


M783.242162415 STA
Strauss, Richard Arabella: Lyrische Komodie in drei Aufzugen von Hugo von Hofmannsthal


M782.1 STR
Tas, Rudi Ave Maria: from Four Motets (SATB)


M782.5 TAS
Trimble, Joan Green Rain: for Voice and Piano


M783.242 TRI
Valerio, John Latin Jazz Piano: The Complete Guide with CD!


M786.2165 VAL
Various Dirty Dancing: The Classic Story on Stage


M782.14 BER
Victory, Gerard


Prelude and Toccata M786.21892818947 VIC
Waterfield, Polly


Gypsy Jazz: Intermediate Level: Songs and Dances from across Europe for Violin with Piano M787.2 WAT
Wilson, Ian


Sonnenwende: for Solo Piano M786.2 WIL
Weigant, Bernhard Jauchzet, Frohlocket: 33 Weihnachtliche Arien und Lieder au dem 18.-20 Jahrhundert: fur Gesang und Klavier / 33 Christmas Arias and Lieder from the 18th to the 20th century: for Voice and Piano


M782.28 WEI
Croft, David G


Acting in Shakespearean Comedy


DVD 792.02823 SUZ
Webber, Andrew Lloyd


Broadway Favourites Collection


DVD 782.14 LLO
Herman, Jerry


La Cage aux Folles: New Broadway Cast Recording CD 4367
Hughes, Herbert


A Purse of Gold: Irish Songs by Herbert Hughes


CD 4363
Kronos Quartet Kronos Explorer Series / David Harrington, John Sherba (violins), Hank Dutt (viola), and Sunny Yang (cello)


CD 4369


Loughnane, Kathleen



Harping On: Irish traditional Music for the Harp; with Friends including Dordan band members, Mary Bergin, Dearbhaill Staunton, Martina Goggin, also Sharon Shannon, Jacqueline McCarthy, Sean Ryan and De Danann’s Alec Finn and Saw Doctor, Jimmy Higgins


CD 4362
Ní Mhiolláin, Treasa & Seoighe, Mícheál


Amhráin as Árainn agus as Conamara


CD 4316
Tynan, Ailish


An Irish Songbook CD 4364
Tulla Ceili Band 60th Anniversary Celebration


CD 4317

New Materials – Summer 2016




Aho, Marko The Tangible in Music: The Tactile Learning of a Musical Instrument


784.193 AHO
Anderson, Richard Paul The Pianist’s Craft: Mastering the Works of Great Composers


786.2193 AND
Anderson, Richard P. The Pianist’s Craft 2: Mastering the Works of more Great Composers


786.2193 AND
Baskerville, Tim Music Business Handbook and Career Guide


780.2373 BAS
Bickel, Jan E.


Vocal Technique: A Physiologic Approach for Voice Class and Studio 783.043 BIC
Blenkinsopp, Joseph Creation, Un-creation, Re-creation: A Discursive Commentary on Genesis 1-11


222.1106 BLE
Bodley, Lorraine Byrne & Horton, Julian


Schubert’s Late Music: History, Theory, Style


780.92 SCH
Breathnach, Breandán Dancing in Ireland


793.319415 BRE (GB OFFICE)
Church, Michael


The Other Classical Musics:  Fifteen Great Traditions


780.89 CHU
Clifton, Alex The Actor’s Workbook: A Practical Guide to Training, Rehearsing and Devising plus Video


792.028 CLI
Cynkutis, Zbigniew


Acting with Grotowski: Theatre as a Field for Experiencing Life 792.028 CYN
Donahue, John R.


The Gospel in Parable: Metaphor, Narrative and Theology in the Synoptic Gospels 226.806 DON
Drury, John The Parables in the Gospels: History and Allegory


226.806 DRU
Edwardes, Jane (Ed) The Faber Book of Monologues for Women introduced with notes and commentaries by Jane Edwardes


808.8245089287 EDW
Edwardes, Jane (Ed)


The Faber Book of Monologues for Men / introduced with notes and commentaries by Jane Edwardes


808.8245089286 EDW
Ellis Fermor, Una Mary Irish Dramatic Movement: An Interpretation


822.91209 ELL
Ewan, Vanessa Actor Movement: Expression of the Physical Being


792.028 EWA
Eyre, Richard


Little Eyolf / Henrik  Ibsen 822.92 EYR
Fenwick, John R.K & Spinks,

Bryan D

Worship in Transition: the Twentieth Century Liturgical Movement


264 FEN
Grene, Prof Nicholas The Oxford Handbook of Modern Irish Theatre 


792.09415 GRE
Gingras, Michele More Clarinet Secrets: 100 Quick Tips for the Advanced Clarinetist


788.62193 GIN
Harrison, Jeremy Actor-Musicianship


792.6028 HAR
Healy, Dermot The Collected Plays; edited, with an introduction, by Keith Hopper & Neil Murphy


822.914 HEA
Hold, Trevor


Parry to Finzi: Twenty English song-composers


783.242092242 HOL
Hunter, David The Lives of George Frideric Handel


780.92 HAN
Johnston, Roy The Musical Life of Nineteenth-century Belfast


780.9416 JOH
Keefe, Simon P.


Mozart Studies 2


780.92 MOZ
Kirwan, Emmet


Dublin Oldschool 822.92 KIR
Krasner, David Method Acting Reconsidered: Theory, Practice, Future


792.028 KRA
Littleton, Danette When Music goes to School: Perspectives on Learning and Teaching


780.71 LIT
Marek, Dan H. Singing: The First Art


783.009 MAR
Marshall, Lorna


The Body Speaks


792.028 MAR
Moseley, Nick Actioning – and how to do it


792.028 MOS
Obrecht, Jas Early Blues: The First Stars of Blues Guitar


781.6430922 OBR
Ojrzyn˜ska, Katarzyna


‘Dancing as if language no longer existed’: Dance in Contemporary Irish Drama 822.91099417 OJR
Pagliaro, Michael J. Basic Elements of Music: A Primer for Musicians, Music Teachers, and Students


781.1 PAG
Megson, Chris The Methuen Drama Book of Naturalist Plays


808.8212 MEG
Pine, Richard


The Disappointed Bridge: Ireland and the Post-Colonial world 820.99415 PIN
Pinksterboer, Hugo Tipbook Saxophone: The Complete Guide


788.719 PIN
Raines, Robert


Composition in the Digital World: Conversations with 21st Century American Composers 780.92273 RAI
Ratliff, Ben Every Song Ever: Twenty Ways to Listen to Music Now  


781.17 RAT
Reilly, Tom Joe Stanley: Printer to the Rising


941.5082 STA
Schenker, Heinrich


Beethoven’s Last Piano Sonatas: An Edition with Elucidation 786.2183 BEE
Schenker, H & Rothgeb, John Letzten Funf Sonaten von Beethoven/ Beethoven’s last Piano Concertos Vols I -III


786.2183 BEE
Scullion, Adrienne (Ed) Female Playwrights of the Nineteenth Century


822.80808287 SCU
Simon, Neil


I ought to be in Pictures 812.54 SIM
Taylor, Nancy Teaching Healthy Musicianship: The Music Educator’s Guide to Injury Prevention and Wellness


781.43 TAY
Titus, Joan The Early Film Music of Dmitry Shostakovich


781.542092 SHO
Walker, Greg (Ed) The Oxford Anthology of Tudor Drama


822.208 WAL
Whitener, Cathy L. A Complete Guide to Brass: Instruments and Pedagogy


788.9 WHI
Wilkie, Ian Angus


Performing in Comedy: A Student’s Guide


792.23028 WIL
ABRSM More Time Pieces for Viola: Music through the Ages, Volume 1


M787.3076 ASS
Alexander, Allen


Celtic Music for Flute and Guitar


M785.121832787162415 ALE
Alexander, Allen



Flatpicking Celtic Guitar: Four Centuries of Celtic music for Guitar ­


M787.87162415 ALE
Beatles, The Let it be: Arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar


M781.66 BEA
Bellini, Vincenzo Canzoni per voce e pianoforte (Voce acuta/high voice)


M783.542 BEL
Berlioz, H.
Melodies pour Voix Haute et Piano Volume 2 / Songs for High Voice and Piano. Volume 2
M783.342 BER
Bernstein, Leonard Bernstein for Singers: 10 Songs for Soprano


M783.342 BER
Canning, John


110 Irish Session Tunes, with Guitar Chords: Volume 3 M787.87162415 CAN
Chen Yi


Ba Ban: for Piano M786.2 CHE
Coward, Noel The Essential Noel Coward Song Book  


M783.242 COW
Dehant, Jean-Loup La Contrebasse Classique: Volume A


M787.5 DEH
Dehant, Jean-Loup


La Contrebasse Classique: Volume B M787.5 DEH
Hartley, Walter S.


Sonata Euphonica: for Euphonium and Piano M785.1218975621873 HAR
Herrmannsen, Sönke Spotlights Complete: 44 Drumset Solos


M786.9 HER
Hoffman, Elisha A.


Italian Sacred Masterpieces for Voice and Piano: Mezzosoprano and Contralto M782.25 HOF
Hoffman, Elisha A.


Italian Sacred Masterpieces for Voice and Piano: Tenor


M782.25 HOF
Hoffman, Elisha A.


Italian Sacred Masterpieces for Voice and Piano: Baritone and Bass


M782.25 HOF
Hoffman, Elisha A.


Italian Sacred Masterpieces for Voice and Piano: Soprano


M782.25 HOF
Kronos Quartet et al


Kronos Collection: Volume 1 M785.7194 KRO
Kronos Quartet et al


Kronos Collection: Volume 2


M785.7194 KRO
Leyerle, William & Anne (Ed)


Song Anthology One


M783.242 LEY
Leyerle, William & Anne (Ed) French Diction Songs: from the 17th to the 20th Centuries


M783.242 LEY
Loesberg, John Folksongs & Ballads Popular in Ireland: Volume 4


M781.62415 LOE
Manus, Morton & Manus, Ron


Alfred’s teach yourself to play Bass: Everything you need to know to start playing now!


M787.87142 MAN
Meredith, R. & Lamb, M.



More Time Pieces for Viola: Music through the Ages, Volume 1 M787.3076 ASS
Mendelssohn-Hensel, Fanny


16 Songs for High Voice M783.342 HEN
Mendelssohn-Hensel, Fanny


16 Songs for Low Voice


M783.542 HEN
Osborne, Tony Moving on Again! Suite No. 2 for Double Bass and Piano


M785.12175621858 OSB
Paton, John Glenn L’Aria Barocca / The Baroque Aria; for Medium High Voice


M782.1 PAT
Paton, John Glenn L’Aria barocca / The Baroque Aria; for Medium Low Voice


M782.1 PAT
Paton, John Glenn (Ed.) Italian Arias of the Baroque and Classical Eras: for High Voice


M782.1 PAT
Quilter, Roger 18 Songs for Voice and Piano selected by David Owen Norris


M783.542 QUI
Slatford, Rodney Time Pieces for Double Bass: Music through the Ages in Two Volumes – Volume 2


M787.5076 SLA
Sterling, H. Samuel Two Eighteenth-Century Pieces: Rameau: Tambourin & Giordani: Larghetto / arranged for Double-Bass and Piano


M785.1217562 STE
Stewart, David A.


Ghost: the Musical: Piano, Vocal selections


M782.14 STE
Takemitsu, Toru


Hika: for Violin & Piano M785.1217262 TAK
Valerio, John Playing keyboard bass Lines: Left Hand Technique for Keyboards  


M786. VAL
Valerio, John Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for Keyboard: Essential Phrases for Swing, Latin, Jazz waltz, and Blues styles


M786.2 VAL
Various The Violin: A Collection


M787.2 CHE
Volans, Kevin String Quartet No.1: White Man Sleeps  


M785.7194 VOL
Weber, Carl Maria von


Concertino für Klarinette und Orchester Opus 26: Ausgabe Fürklarinette und Klavier


M788.621862 WEB
Wintory, Austin Journey: Sheet Music Selections from the Original Video Game Soundtrack: Piano Solos


M786.2 WIN
Sklar, Matthew


Elf: The Broadway Musical M782.14 SKL
Tcherepnin, Alexander


Seven Songs Op. 71: on Chinese Poems   M783.242 TCH
Brooks, Mel The Producers: Joseph E. Levine presents Zero Mostel in Mel Brooks’ The Producers


DVD 782.14 BRO
Browne, Peter (Presenter)


Piper’s Choice: Volume 6 – Máire Ní Ghráda, David Power, Joe McKenna / Na Piobairi Uilleann


DVD 788.49 PIO
Browne, Peter (Presenter)


Piper’s Choice: Volume 7 – Ciarán Mac Fheidhlimidh, Leo Rickard, Eoin Ó Riabhaigh / Na Piobairi Uilleann


DVD 788.49 PIO
Browne, Peter (Presenter)


Piper’s Choice: Volume 8 – Mikie Smyth, Caoimhín Ó Fearghail, Cormac Cannon / Na Piobairi Uilleann


DVD 788.49 PIO
Browne, Peter (Presenter)


Piper’s Choice: Volume 9 – Séan McKeon, Kevin Rowsome, Pat Mitchell / Na Piobairi Uilleann


DVD 788.49 PIO
Peckham, Anne


Vocal Technique: Developing your voice for performance


DVD 783.193 PEC
Various Must-see Musicals/ directed by Gene Kelly, George Cukor, Vincente Minnelli, Stanley Donen et. al.


DVD 782.14 DON
Davidovsky, Mario


The Works of Mario Davidovsky: Volume 3


CD 4345

New Material March 2016





Anderson, Tim J.


Popular Music in a Digital Music Economy: Problems and practices for an emerging service industry 338.4778164 AND
Audissino, Emilio  

John Williams’s film music: Jaws, Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the Return of the Classical Hollywood Music Style


781.542092 WIL
Barnes, Grace


Her Turn on Stage: The Role of women in Musical Theatre


782.14082 BAR
Bean, John & Oldfield, Amelia


Pied Piper: Musical Activities to develop basic skills


371.926487 BEA

Betteridge, Thomas


The Oxford Handbook of Tudor Drama


822.209 BET
Buffini, Moira



Plays Two

822.92 BUF
Childs, G.W  


Creating Music and Sound for Games

780.285 CHI
Church, Joseph


Music Direction for the Stage: A view from the Podium   782.14145 CHU
Colson, John F. Rehearsing: Critical connections for the Instrumental Music Conductor

781.45 COL
Cordingly, John Disordered Heroes in Opera: A Psychiatric Report

782.10269 COR
Cross, Jonathan


Igor Stravinsky   780.92 STR
Dash, Irene G. Shakespeare and the American Musical

782.140973 DAS
Everett. Yayoi Uno Reconfiguring Myth and Narrative in Contemporary Opera: Osvaldo Golijov, Kaija Saariaho, John Adams, and Tan Dun


782.109 GOL
Finnegan, Seamus It’s all Blarney: Four Plays

822.914 FIN
Gaines, Jason M Composing for Moving Pictures: The Essential Guide

781.31542 GAI
Hancock, Herbie & Dickey, Lisa Herbie Hancock:  Possibilities



781.65092 HAN
Henke, Robert Performance and Literature in the Commedia dell’arte

792.20945 HEN
Ireland, David


Cyprus Avenue 822.92 IRE
James, E. Alana

Writing your Doctoral Dissertation or Thesis Faster: A Proven Map to Success 808.066378 JAM
Mathews, P. J. & Kiberd, Declan (Ed)


Handbook of the Irish Revival:  An Anthology of Irish Cultural and Political Writings 1891 – 1922 941.5 KIB
Lockwood, Lewis Beethoven’s Symphonies: An Artistic Vision

784.2184 BEE
Loft, Abram



How to succeed in an Ensemble: Reflections on a Life in Chamber Music 785.092 LOF
Miller, R.J.


Contemporary Orchestration: A Practical Guide to Instruments, Ensembles, and Musicians 781.374 MIL
Ockelford, Adam


Music for children and young people with complex needs 615.85154 OCK
Power, Terri Shakespeare and gender in practice

822.33 SHA
Purvis, Philip


Masculinity in Opera: Gender, History, and New Musicology


782.1 PUR
Perlemuter, Vlado


Ravel according to Ravel


786.2092 RAV
Rathey, Markus Bach’s Major Vocal Works: Music, Drama, Liturgy

782.22 BAC
Strindberg, August


Plays: Two; translated and introduced by Michael Meyer


839.726 STR
Taylor, Millie Studying Musical Theatre: Theory and Practice

782.14 TAY
Weitz, Eric


Theatre and Laughter 792.23 WEI
Wesbrooks, William


Dramatic Circumstances: On acting, singing, and living inside the stories we tell   792.028 WES
White, Bob W. Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters

780.89 WHI
Woodward, Guy Across the Boundaries: Talking about Thomas Kilroy


822.914 KIL
ABRSM Time Pieces for Guitar: Music through the ages in Two Volumes, Volume 2

M787.87076 ASS
Alessandro Besozzi Sonata in Bb Major for Trombone & Organ


M785.12189365 BES
Amos, Keith Lucian’s Humours for Trombone


M785.12189362 AMO
Chilcott, Bob Carols for Choirs 5: 50 Christmas carols

M782.28 CHI
Dragonetti, D. Twelve Waltzes for Double Bass Solo

M787.5188 DRA
Geminiani, Francesco


Sonate E-moll fur Oboe oder Querflote oder Violino und Basso Continuo / Sonata in E Minor for Oboe or Flute or Violin and Basso Continuo M788.52183 GEM
Glazunov, Alexander


Meditation Op. 32, in D Major, for Violin & Piano M785.1217261896 GLA
Hartley, Keith Double Bass Solo 1: 50 Melodies

M787.5142 HAR
Hartley, Jill and Keith. Accompaniments for Double Bass Solo: Piano parts for the 26 pieces from Double bass Solo 1 and 2  

M787.5 HAR
Hartley, Keith Double Bass Solo Techniques: A Book of Orchestral Excerpts

M787.5142 HAR
Howells, Herbert


Hymnus Paradisi for Soprano and Ten or Soli, SATB & Orchestra


M782.5 HOW
Blake, J. Vila Spring: Unison Song


M782.5 IRE
John, Elton


Billy Elliot: The Musical M782.14 JOH
Lefèvre, Guy Le Tambour, Technique Supérieure


M786.9142 LEF
Lindsey-Clark, Vincent Simply Latin: Five characteristic pieces for Solo Guitar

M787.87 LIN
Martini, Jean Paul Egide Plaisir Damour: for Violin & Piano

M785.1217262 MAR
Marshall, Wolf (Ed)



Kenny Burrell: A Step-by-step Breakdown of the Guitar Styles and Techniques of a Jazz Legend M787.87165 BUR
Pilss, Karl Sonate fur Trompete und Klavier / Sonata for Trumpet and Piano


M785.12189262183 PIL
Rachmaninoff, Sergei


Piano Concerto No. 4 Op. 40: Original Version, 1926 M784.262 RAC
Reinke, Gerd Enjoy the Double Bass: Volume 1 – Double Bass Method with Piano Accompaniment


M787.5142 REI
Reinke, Gerd Enjoy the Double Bass: Volume 2 – Double Bass Method with Piano Accompaniment

M787.5142 REI
Reinke, Gerd Enjoy the Double Bass: Volume 3 – Double bass method with Piano accompaniment

M787.5142 REI
Schumann, R. Liederkreis von H. Heine, Op. 24

M782.47 SCH
Sherman, Richard


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: Vocal Selections


M782.14 SHE
Sondheim, Stephen


Into the Woods: Movie Vocal Selections M782.14 SON
Styne, Jule Funny Girl: Musical Play / Book by Isobel Lennart

M782.14 STY
Various Go Blow your Own! : Contemporary Music for Trumpet / in collaboration with International Trumpet Guild


M788.92 INT
Wood, Gareth Concertino for Eb horn


M785.121894621862 WOO

New Material January & February 2016

Adlington, Robert Composing Dissent: Avant-garde Music in 1960s Amsterdam 780.949235209046 ADL

Alperson, Philip (Ed)

Musical Worlds: New Directions in the Philosophy of Music 781.1 ALP
André, Naomi Voicing Gender: Castrati, Travesti, and the Second Woman in early-nineteenth-century Italian Opera 782.10903445 AND
Bardon. Jonathan
Hallelujah: The Story of a Musical Genius and the city that brought his Masterpiece to Life 782.2307841835 BAR
Bennett, Andy & Waksman, Steve
The SAGE handbook of popular music
781.64 BEN
Bottoms, Stephen J. The Theatre of Sam Shepard: States of Crisis
812 SHE
Tuaillon, David Edward Bond: The Playwright Speaks
812.914 BON
Churchill, Caryl
Shorts 822.914 CHU
Dowling, Robert M. Eugene O’Neill: a life in Four Acts
812 ONE
Edwards, Geoffrey
The Verdi Baritone: Studies in the development of dramatic character 782.1092 VER
Hallam, Susan et al The Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology 781.11 HAL
Harper, Colin The Wheels of the World: 300 Years of Irish Uilleann Pipers
788.490922 HAR
Hirsch, Foster. Kurt Weill on Stage: from Berlin to Broadway 780.92 WEI
Geraghty, Des
Luke Kelly: A Memoir 780.92 KEL
Gilbert, Shirli Music in the Holocaust: Confronting Life in the Nazi Ghettos and Camps 781.62924 GIL
Gregg, Stacey
Shibboleth 822 GRE
Kemp, Michael Innovative Warm-ups for the volunteer choir: Creative concepts to improve choral sound 782.5142 KEM
Lahr, John Tennessee Williams: Mad Pilgrimage of the Flesh 812 WIL
Loombe, Dawn Flute, Accordion or Clarinet? Using the Characteristics of our Instruments in Music Therapy 615.85154 OLD
Moshevich, Sofia Shostakovich’s Music for piano Solo: Interpretation and Performance 786.2092 SHO
Nielinger-Vakil, Carola Luigi Nono: A Composer in Context 780.92 NON
John, Paul Pope Veritatis Splendor: Encyclical Letter addressed by the Supreme Pontiff Pope John Paul II to all Bishops of the Catholic Church regarding certain fundamental questions of the Church’s moral teaching 241.0402 POP
Ockelford, Adam Music for Children and Young people with complex Needs 615.85154 OCK
Oddey, Alison
Performing Women: Stand-ups, Strumpets, and Itinerants 791.092241 ODD
Polatin, Betsy
The Actor’s Secret: Techniques for transforming habitual patterns and improving performance 792.02807 POL
Rootham, Cyril Bradley Voice Training for Choirs and Schools 782.5071 ROO
Sacks, Oliver


Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain


781.11 SAC
Strindberg, August Plays: One 839.726 STR
Strindberg, August Plays: Three; Translated from the Swedish with an Introduction by Michael Meyer 839.726 STR
Toner, Niall The Nuts and Bolts of Songwriting 781.31640268 TON


VanderLinde Blair, Deborah
Exceptional Pedagogy for Children with Exceptionalities: International Perspectives 371.904487 BLA
Watts, Sarah Spectral Immersions: A comprehensive guide to the theory and practice of Bass Clarinet Mulitphonics


788.62193 WAT
Wollenberg, Susan & Kenny, Aisling Women and the Nineteenth-century Lied 783.24209034082 KEN
Woods, Vincent A Cry from Heaven 822.92 WOO
Adams, John
El Niño: Nativity Oratorio: for Soloists, Chorus, Children’s Chorus and Orchestra M782.23 ADA
Adams, Sally
First Repertoire for Descant Recorder with Piano M788.36 ADA
Bohm, Carl
Moto Perpetuo in D: for Violin and Piano M785.1217262 BOH
Boosey & Hawkes A Heritage of 20th Century British Song Vol. 4. M783.242 BOO
Chiti, Patricia Adkins (Ed)


Italian Art Songs of the Romantic Era: for Medium High Voice
M783.442 CHI
Close, J. Peter
Concert Pieces for Double Bass and Piano M785.1217562 CLO
Dusík, Jan Ladislav Six Sonatines pour la Harpe M787.91832 DUS
Hakkarainen, Antti Piano Soikoon! : Vapaan Säestyksen Aakkoset M786.2142 HAK
Hanmer, Ronald Suite for Horn: horn in F or Eb & Piano M788.531858 HAN
Hartley, Keith Double Bass Solo: Book 2 – A Revised edition of sixty pieces from the orchestral repertoire M787.5142 HAR
Hasselmans, Alphonse
Trois petites pièces faciles pour Harpe, Op. 9 M78.9071 HAS
Jääskeläinen, Kristiina et al Vivo Piano 1 M786.2142 JAA
Jääskeläinen, Kristiina et al Vivo piano 2
M786.2142 JAA
Jääskeläinen, Kristiina et al Vivo piano 3 M786.2142 JAA
King, Mary


Singing in German: Learning through repertoire – High voice M783.342142 KIN
Merlin, Jose Luis Suite del Recuerdo: for Guitar M787.871858 MER
Morgan, Chris


The Boosey Brass Method: Horn in F Repertoire Book A, with Keyboard Accompaniment


M788.53142 MOR
Pearson Wallace and Leslie, John Going Solo: Tenor Horn – First performance pieces for Horn Soprano Cornet in Eb with Piano M788.974 FAB
Pegler, Heidi The Best of Singing Grades 1-3: 30 of the best Grades 1-3 Songs selected by the Major Examination Boards M783.342076 PEG
Ramskill, Robert Latino for Trombone / Euphonium (treble clef) M788.93076 RAM
Ramskill, Robert Latino for Trombone / Euphonium (bass clef) M788.93076 RAM
Telemann, G.P


Sonate in f-moll für Fagott oder Violoncello und Basso Continuo M785.12185862183 TEL
Various Disney Songs for Singers: 45 Classics – High voice
M783.342 DIS
Various Disney Songs for Singers: 45 Classics – Low Voice
M783.542 DIS
Walters, Richards Musical Theatre Essentials, Baritone/Bass: Volume 1
M782.14 WAL
Walters, Richards Musical Theatre Essentials, Mezzo-soprano / Belter: Volume 2
M782.14 WAL
Walters, Richards
Musical Theatre Essentials, Soprano: Volume 1
M782.14 WAL
Walters, Richards Musical Theatre Essentials, Soprano: Volume 2
M782.14 WAL
Walters, Richards Musical Theatre Essentials, Tenor: Volume 2 M782.14 WAL
Walters, Richards Musical Theatre Essentials, Baritone / Bass: Volume 2 M782.14 WAL
Whaley, Garwood Scherzo for Timpani M786.93 WHA
Willson, Meredith The Music Man: Selections


M782.14 WIL
UCD Choral Scholars
Invisible Stars: Choral Works of Ireland & Scotland


CD 4315